The phrase "with flying colours" is said be originated from military. It was the practice of a victorious fleet sailing into port with flags flying from the mastheads. To come through with flying colours is to successfully achieve a difficult objective, such as passing an exam with distinction.  I wish all my friends, who are soon taking their examinations, "to pass the exam with flying colours".

以上短语 "pass with flying colours"  源于军事惯例,一支胜利海军舰队驶进港口在桅杆悬挂飘扬色彩缤纷旗帜。这短语用以赞美一个人经过艰辛取得优秀成绩,让我在此祝福我的读书朋友考试 "to pass the exam with flying colours" 。
7/31/2010 11:18:12

We only have great morals, our society will turned out to be much more attractive. I think there have some reason in it. If all people in our socity can try his or her best to do well, we can live better. Let us work together.

9/18/2010 09:46:29

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