Learn to write English formally through blogging

I am Brandon Zin (a pseudonym). I have been helping my fellow Chinese friends learn English through languages websites such as Italki and LiveMocha. I have seen my friends' English improved significantly for the past few years. I design this blog with a view to helping my friends take their English skills one level higher. I am encouraging my friends to write blogs in English here. If one knows what he writes will be read publicly, it is likely that he would be more careful. This is how one's language skills can be improved. So my friends don't be shy. Write whatever you feel appropriate. If you make a mistake, your friends and I will discuss with you as to how it could be improved upon. Alternatively, you may ask me questions by e-mailing me at bzin88@gmail.comHelping each other is a win-win situation. However, no profanities, obscenities or politics please. 

我是洗百敦(化名)。我一直通过 Italki 和 Livemocha 语言学习网站帮助我的同胞朋友学习英语,我看到我的朋友们的英语程度在过去几年明显改善 。我设计此博文目的 是帮助我的朋友就他们的英语技能水平提高。我鼓励你们在这里用英语写博文,如果你们知道所写文章将予以公开,很可能你们会更加谨慎。这是改善英语写作技能的好方法。所以,朋友们不要害羞。请随便发挥如果你有错误,你的朋友和我会与你商量如何改进。或者,您可以发送电子邮件至我电邮地址 bzin88@gmail.com 提问。 互相帮助,是一个双赢的局面。但是写作不可含亵渎,下流内容或政治色彩。
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