As you all know Hong Kong is known to the world as a shopping paradise. There is a street in HK known as Canton Street, which got world renowned high fashion shops lining up both sides of the street. I took the above picture, which is part of that street. I think my friends, particularly the ladies, would recognise the three famous brands, namely, Hermes, Salvatore Ferragamo and Gucci. This reminds me of the subject slang "Shop (un)till you drop". Generally, it refers to a person going on a shopping spree (from shops to shops in a short period of time) until he or she collapses due to fatigue. Another version is that it means a person going on shopping until he or she drops dead.

众所周知香港是一个购物天堂,外国游客很多时到来都说出这俚语"Shop (un)till you drop", 意思是指购物到腿软跌低或购物到至死为止。

11/19/2010 00:15:11

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