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Below is a passage submitted by my friend Jane. Jane's works are in black. My corrections are in blue. I try to keep Jane's ideas and style as much as possible. Jane has to certain extent mistaken the title as being the custom rather the etiquette between the two cultures. Etiquette means manner (礼仪) at a dinner table. which includes the way one eats, talks or sits at a table or time to arrive  at a dinner or time to leave. Anyway, it is not an easy subject. Jane has handled it quite well. In the first two paragraphs she is writing about the customs between the cultures, but she returns to the subject at the last two paragraphs, but apparently she could not write in English. Anyway, Jane, a job well done.

I think there are big different etiquette at table between east and west. First, they use different utensils, west people use a lot of utensil like forkspoon and knife, but east people just use simple utensil, such as chopsticks even as India, straight use their right hand. There are differences and similarities between the etiquette at table between the eastern and western cultures. First of all, let's talk about the differences. The westerners use silverware such as forks, knives and soup spoons, which are made of stainless steel, while easterners use chopsticks and soup spoons (made of porcelain). In certain part of India, people eat with their hands,which is handled unacceptable in the western cultures 

Moreover, table setting are also differences. For example, Chinese considered left is an importance place than right, opposite, west people common like right as honorable. Moreover, the dinner table and table seating arrangements are different between the two customs. The dinner table for the west are mostly rectangle while the east are round. As for seatings, the western custom is that the host will sit at one end of the table, while the eastern custom is that the host will sit facing the door. 

You are right. In addition, they have differences in ways of eating food. In China, all people could eat food what he or she like on the table. All dish are public, but you can用筷子在盘子里翻来翻去地挑捡食物(I dont know how does to translate this sentence)。That behavior considered not good manner. In addition, there are differences in the ways foods are served between the two cultures, the westerners serve a dinner by courses and one course, or plate, is served after another, and each person has his own choice  or portion of his foods served separately.  However, the eastern culture, or the Chinese culture,  has the foods served very much at the same time and they are not served separately to each individually. Therefore, in a Chinese meal, the foods are shared among the people at the table. It is considered bad manner for a person to use his chopsticks turning foods in a plate upside down to pick what he likes.   

But they are has some same Etiquette too. Like, cant put your elbow on the table. Dont talk with anyone when your mouth full with food. In ancient china formal occasion, when king feasts his ministers with individual serving. Now let's talk about the similarities, For both cultures, it is considered impolite for a person to put his elbows on the table or to talk with foods in his mouth.

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