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My friend John. asked me certain questions which relate to the subject. I will deal with the subject first and then I will address to John's question later.  The subject question is which of the following sentences is correct?

  1. I will help you learn English.
  2. I will help you to learn English.

The answer is that both are correct. Personally I prefer Sentence 1. Apparently there are no grammar rules which can explain why both sentences are correct. However, please use the verb "learn" in Sentence 1 as if the infinitive "to" is omitted, i.e. it will not change regardless of the tense of the sentence. It is "I helped you learn English" and not "I helped you learned English".
Now I turn to John's questions about the three sentences below:

   a.  My mother makes me mop the floor. 
   b.  My mother makes me to mop the floor. 
   c.  My mother let me mop the floor. 

Question: Whether Question a and b are both correct?
Answer:   Sentence a is correct. Sentence b is questionable.]

Question: Whether the rules regarding the use of "make" apply to “let” in Sentence c.
Answer:    Sentence c is correct. There is no need to add "to" to the sentence.


I will write the three sas follows:
  • I will help you learn English.
  • My mother makes me mop the floor.
  • My mother let me mop the floor.

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