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Today, I would like to discuss the following issues:

The difference between "Nice to talk to you" and "Nice talking to you"

There is little difference between the two. However, if one has to make difference between the two, I  would say that "Nice to talk to you" is usually used when first meet a person and you start talking to him. "to talk" indicates the talk will soon begin. Therefore, it is inappropriate to say so at the end of the conversation with another person. On the other hand, "Nice talking to you" is usually used at the end of a conversation as "talking" indicates the talking is going on or has taken place. 

The difference between "Nice talking with you" and "Nice talking to you"

Again, there is little difference between the two. "With" tends to suggest more of a conversation or dialog between two people, while "to" tends to point more towards you doing all the talking in the conversation, monolog, lecturing, Personally, I would end a conversation by saying "it is nice talking to you." It is simple and courteous. I would not worry too much about the grammar or the actuall meaning thereof.


“Nice to talk to you” 和 “Nice talking to you” 之分别:

其实两者之间差别不大。然而必须在两者之间作出区别,我要说,“Nice to talk to you” 通常被用来当您你开始跟对方说话时用。 “To talk”表示谈话将很快开始,因此不宜在谈话结束用。另一方面,“Nice talking to you” 通常是在谈话结束用, Talking 表示谈话正在进行或已经发生。 

“Nice talking with you” 和“Nice talking to you” 之分别

两者之间差别不大。“with” 倾向于建议两个人之间的谈话是对话方式,而“To” 是指你单一方面说有如独白,讲学。

就我个人而言,我会在谈话结束之前说“Nice Talking to You" . 很简单和有礼貌 , 我不会担心该句语法或实际意义。 
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