Melissa's hometown, Jian'ou
My friend, Melissa has done the following exercise. She is studying to be a English teacher. Her English is good. That is no doubt about it.  I make the following comments for her consideration:

Paragraph 2. I entered into this college in 2007. I major in pedagogical English (note 1. "attended", in past tense, indicates that Melissa has completed her college degree. 2. Try not to start a sentence with a conjunction such as and, because, but, etc.. 3. "am majoring", in present progressive tense, indicates that Melissa is doing that major now and is considering changing to another major).

Paragraph 4 appears convoluted. I would change it to: As I see it, a language is tool used by people to communicate with each other. In order to seriously learn about a culture of a foreign country, it is useful to know the language of that country.
  1. I am a student of Foreign Trade and Business College of Chongqing Normal University. 
  2. I attended this college in 2007. And I am majoring in pedagogical English. I love all kinds of cultures. That was one of the reasons why i chose my major.
  3. Through years of studying, I think the major difficulties in learning English are speaking and writing. Between the two, speaking is more difficult.
  4. As I see to it, a language is a tool for people who speak different languages to communicate with others, to learn about the culture. So, if one wants to get to know others, he must know the language first.
  5. I still have no plan of my future. But I think there is a probility for me to be a teacher for English.
  6. Since the first time I visited your blog, I found you are quite good in English and are willing to help others. You are so kind. I look forward to your comment.
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You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements.

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There is no rose without a thorn.


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