Below is an attempt on the subject by my friend 祝小英. I can hardly find any mentionable flaws except the followings:

Paragraph 2: "last level" to be changed to "junior level" 

Paragraph 5: I would appreciate it if you could.....
1. I used to be a teacher in a high school,I'd been a teacher for 14 years. I worked in the school library, taught biology and Englsih. Now I work in the government of our county as a translator,I mainly translate Jingpo(景颇语), since we are close to the Myanmar, there are many Jingpo people there too. The foreign affairs of our region are mainly to Myanmar.

2. I am only a translator here, not in the last level, maybe in the middle. 

3.English is a world language, it is widely used in the mordern society. As a translator, I think it would be better for me to master more than three or four languages. Even though I don't have a chance to use English often in my daily life or in my job. I'm only in a remote region in China. I think I have to master it.

4. It's really difficult for me to master English well. The major difficulties are that I don't have a partner to practice it. When we learn a language, it is easy for us to master it if we have a language environment. Remembering many words is difficult for me too, the rests are listening and spoken Englsih. Here I just speak Chinese or my native languages every day. So how hard for me to master English, I just hope that I can speak English as fluently as I speak Chinese or my native languages.

5. You are really a kind person, I'm really impressed. Few people can do like you,I think. I am appretiate if you can speak English with me, maybe every day, but I know I can't be a selfish person. So hopefully that you can speak with me in English when you have time, when you are very very free.

6. My goal for my career developements is to be a No.1 translator in our region one day. I hope my goal will become true. So I think I have to add Myanmarese and some other languages. I plan to master Myanmar in two or three years, I don't begin to learn it now. As to English, I have to master it as quickly as I can. Oh, it's just a goal,no one can tell how I will be, anyway I will try my best to learn languages as much as I can. if I can't reach my goal, I think I won't be sad in the future, as long as I work hard for it. 

7. Thanks for your kindness, I'm lucky to make friends with you, I'm sure I will make a big progress with your help. I know I can't do anything to help you, and you don't need my help, either,the only thing that I can do is to share my life with you if you like.
1/8/2010 05:33:58

I am a little girl but with a big dream . Be a successful foreigh enterprise and travell many countreis ,such as France Russia American England the more the better .
of coure i will meet my right man :-P.
please do not laugh at me ,this my dream

Brandon Zin
1/8/2010 06:01:55

Angjing, I know you will be a successful entrepreneur in foreign trade and meet your right man.


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