Below is  a passage by my friend, Selina. Please see my comments in italics below.

Selina's passage

i like you blog and i think you are a good teacher ! i look for you can help me improve my english ,i learning english two years until now but now my english is very poor , please not laugh at me, perhaps i had dumb! when i meet froeigner at first time i fell nervous and i don' know how to say!so i afraid to communicate with other english speaker---

My comments

Selina, you English is not bad at all. However, pay attention to the following points:
  • "I" must be capitalized.
  • Punctuation marks are made immediately a word. A space must be left after a punctuation mark.
  • Check your spellings.
  • For proper nouns, such as English, the first letter must be capitalised.

Please read the below passage, which I have revised for your reference:

" I like your blog. I think you are a good teacher. I look for your help to improve my English. I have been learning English for two years but my English is still very poor. Please do not laugh at me.Perhaps I am dumb. When I meet a foreign for the first time, I feel nervous and don't know how to speak to him in English. Therefore, I am afraid to communicate with other English speakers."
3/24/2010 18:34:50

Thank you very much!
I am glad to you revised the message for me!

9/11/2010 00:24:31

No pains, No gains. Believe yourself. You'll be successful. Please remember never too old to learn!


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