I was a shy boy.

Up to now, I am still a boy with a little shyness. I think, for girls, shyness maybe make them look cute. But people are all like lively, sunny, humorous boy. Here is a funny story.

Long long ago, when I was in Primary School. I was so shy that I always cried When I met some troubles that I couldn't solve. In Grade 5, I began to study english. My english teacher was a terrible man and I didn't like him very much. He always asked us to answer questions. If we couldn't answer the questions, he would beat us on the hands heavy with a big stick. Every time, If I couldn't answer his question, I always felt shy and began to cry after the beating.

One day, I couldn't answer his question again. when the terrible teacher came at me with his big stick, my tear were in my eyes and were going to drop. He saw it and after a moment, he went away. To my surprise, He didn't beat me. I remember I was so happy that time.

Now, I seldom cry, but the shyness always go with me. I try to change it all the time. I think I need much more courage. could you give me some advices?
1/11/2010 02:00:33

Lyn,very well done. I just like to discuss the following sentence with you. You wrote:I was so shy that I always cried when I met some troubles. I would change it to: I was so shy that I used to always cry when I met with some troubles. The reason that I add "used to" in the sentence because "always" denotes something still happening, for example. I always go to work at eight o'clock. It means I am still going to work at eight o'clock. As you don't cry any more, but you used to always do that before.

1/12/2010 20:04:43

1/12/2010 20:07:07

ah. i see.
thanks for your encouragement again.


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