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Chinese Character

Last Tuesday, my friends Joey and Frank have had a wonderful debate in English Corner. The topic was about the character of chinese people. Joey hold that most of chinesee character are low. At the bus stop, people always rush into the bus when the bus arrived.They are out of order. And Frank hold that chinese character are not so low. They just need somebody to keep order for them. For example, people stand in a line and keep waiting in a zone setted for them at the bank.

In my openion, both of them were right. Chinese character are not good enough and chinese need to be led in this times.

Once upon a time. I got up early in order to report to duty on time. When I sat near the window in a bus. A woman came in and sat near me with her breakfast. After several minutes, she finished her food. She asked me to help her open the window. I didn't know what she would do at that time, so I opened the window immediately. To my surprise, she threw her garbage out of the window. I got a little angry, but I said nothing to her.

The next day, I met the woman and she sat near me with her breakfast again. While she was going to threw the garbage, I said I can help her. Then, I took her garbage from her hand and threw it into the garbage bin, but I didn't say any more.

From then on. I met her in bus many times. She was ashamed to sat near me, but she always threw the garbage into the garbage bin.

I have heard somebody saying that some chinese are low in character and the people in developed countries have good character. The situation let them down. They wished they could live abroad. But I think, China had a very difficult time for many years and China is on the beginning of the Communist Society. Although the situation of developed countries are better than China. We can't lose our confidence. We can lead and help other people to get good costoms and habits as we can and I think chinese character will be very good in one day.

Brandon Zin
1/18/2010 03:30:31

Lyn, I must congratulate you that your English is improving very fast.

I need to point out that your title may confuse readers that you are going to talk about Chinese Characters as in 中文字. To avoid this, I suggest that you use "Characters of Chinese people" or "Characters of Chinese".

On the issue of social etiquette, the woman in question was influenced by your example. It is important that educated people like yourself should set up good examples to others.

In Hong Kong we queue up for buses, for trains, for services....without people telling us to do so. When our brothers and sisters from the Mainland come to Hong Kong for visits, they do likewise. What they do is simply following what we do.

1/23/2010 19:04:24

thanks again,zin.

4/16/2010 02:07:41

"In my openion, both of them were right. Chinese character are not good enough and chinese need to be led in this times."

Be grounded when you make any generalization, Lyn. Please go read 《礼记》 first and come back review your article.


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