Xiamen International Marathon 2010

It was a fine day today. There come the International Marathon 2010 in Xiamen, one of the most beautiful cities in China. The activity was held in HuanDao Road(环岛路) where has many beautiful beach scenery.

I was lucky and was one of the total 7 representatives of TAECO to participate the activity.and we only participated the 5-mile distance competition.

I did't sleep well, because I had to get up at 5:30 and reach the Xiamen International Certre of exhibition where the competition start at 6:30 as per instruction.

A great many runners gathered on the square outside the exhibition hall building. The number of the people was over 50,000, we were arranged in the rear of the troop, so after the signal fired at 8:00, we were able to run until 8:10. And because of the large croud of people, we could not run fast. In the end, we spent 1 hour in finishing the 5-mile distance and did't feel tied at all.

During the competition, we run, walked, jumped, laughed, talked, even ate. so, for us, this activity just like a celebration to welcome to New Year, but a competiton. It was very interesting.
1/5/2011 19:15:42

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