TAECO Environmental Group organized an activity of planting mangroves in longhai, a town in zhangzhou on 19th December,2009. There were 60 of totle approximately 400 members of Environmental Union participating the acitivity and I was lucky enough to get the chance.I was so happy. Not only i could participate the funny activity,but also this activity was meaningful for environment.As we know,mangrove is a kind of plant that has strong root and can protect the earth near the bank from corrading and flushing.

It took more than 1 hour to reach the site.The Group had already organized an activity of planting mangroves here,so the purpose of this activity was weeding the weed around the mangroves planted before.Because the weed near the bank have strong roots and hard to be weeded,we trampled the weed around the mangroves to ensure the mangroves have enough sunshine and space to grow.

After the whole forenoon action,we finished the work.Then we went to Puzhao Temple(普照禅诗) to have lunch and had a visit.The temple have many features, the architectural style in particular.And then,we went home.
I think it was a meaningful and funny activity.

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Brandon Zin
12/20/2009 02:51:14

Lyn, very well written. Instead of saying a "funny activity", I would say a "meaningful activity", because funny means "好笑" which seems inappropriate. Like you said "You click my blog, I click yours", I have add your blog to my 友情链接. You may send me pictures. I can put it up here.

You may see Lyn's blog at http://lllyyyccslyn.blog.163.com


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