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I think the most often used slang by my friends on the language social nets is "It's cool". There is nothing wrong to use the word cool in an internet conversation but please do not overdo it. Most important of all do not use it in your examinations or at a job interview. Let me explain why below.

This slang or the word cool was considered chic among black people in the United States back in the 1970s but was considered a lower class expression in the mainstream society. I have read an article of a US magazine which said "cool" was among the slangs which was banned in schools back in those days. However, as the attitude of the American society changed towards black cultures the said slang became acceptable in everyday speech. 

Meaning, examples and remarks 
  • very good: excellent, all right Examples  1. Your blog is cool 2. Brandon, you are a cool guy. Remarks Cool is sometimes used when you have nothing to say or when you don't have an opinion but do not want to hurt the listener's feelings. If you want to show that you are sincere you should instead say "Your blog is awesome!!" and "Brandon you are an awesome guy!!" 
  • fashionable, chic Examples1. Your hair style is cool  2. iPhone is cool.
我相信我的网友最常用之俚语是 "It's cool" ,在互联网交谈这没有什么不妥,但不要过度使用。最重要的是不要在考试或面试使用。让我解释。



  • 非常好,很好,可以 例子 1. 您的博客真酷 2。布兰登,你是一个很酷的家伙。备注  酷在可以用于你想不到话说,没有意见但并不想伤害对方时作出敷衍回答。如果你想认真的话,你应说 “您的博客真棒!” 和“布兰登。你是一个真棒家伙!“
  • 款式新颖,别致  例子 1。你的发型很酷  2 iPhone很酷。

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