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Jane has done the following exercise, which is quite good. My comments are in blue
1. What problems does the government face? How can they be dealt with?
 I think, recently, the government face two questions. Firstly,  population is aging. Secondly, the government should continue to monitor and control overheating and overcapacity sectors of the economy, such as property. I think currently the government faces two main problems. Firstly, the country's population is aging. Secondly, how the overheating  economy and the speculation of the properties market can be monitored and controlled. 

2. What does tourism bring to China?
Firstly, the development of economy.(or economy growth?) secondly, exchange of different culture. Thirdly, obtaining more information. Tourism brings benefits to China in three different areas: economic growth, cultural exchanges and obtaining information.

3. Where do you like to visit on your holidays? And tell us your reason.
I like to landscape on my holidays, especially went to natural scenic by car. Because I can breath fresh air and relax body. On my holidays, I like to go to the countryside by car and see the the natural scenery and landscape. By doing that I can breathe fresh air and relax my body.

4. How do you spend your holidays?
 If the time enough, I will going back to my parents home, and stay with them. If the time is short, I will hang out in supermarket or have a tea with friends. Maybe do some sports in gym. If time permits, I will go back to my parent's home (in where) and stay with them for a few days. Otherwise, I will go to buy groceries in supermarkets or have a cup of tea with my friends or do some exercises in the gymnasium. (Jane, please try to avoid using slang such as "hang out" in formal writing. It actually means being in a place or doing something without a purpose such as "he hangs out in the bar drinking" or "he hangs out with gangsters")