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Jane, please see my comments and remarks below in red.
Unit 8 Agricultural Development

With the development of science and technology in Agricultural, have produced some surplus labor. Therefore many farmers flooring into the cities to seed jobs for living as migrant workers or floating population.  A large number of migrant workers will  bring the importance of affect to the city. The good things are below,  The developments of science and technologies in agriculture have produced some surpluses in labor. There are many farmer flooding into the cities to seek jobs for support of their livings as migrant workers or so called floating population. A large number of migrant workers will bring important effects to the city. The good things are as below.

Firstlythe many migrant workers offer the cheaper labor to the local industrail development with Lower labor and increase market competitiveness. Promotion the produce exports. Lead to our country present to the worlds top ten foreign countries, and maintain a trade surplus with the long-team advantage. Firstly, the influx of migrant worker offers cheaper labor to local industrial development with lower labor costs and increases in market competitiveness. This promotes our country's exports of products. This further leads to our country being one of the world's ten ten manufacturing countries and maintains a trade surplus with a long-term advantage.

Secondly, migrant workers supply more convenient daily life to the urban dwellers. They are not more require for the remuneration of working, working conditions, labor intensity, social status. Therefore they are willing the work that urban dwellers willing not to do. Secondly, migrants works enable urban dwellers to have a more convenient daily life style. They are willing to work under harder conditions and labor intensive industries at lower remunerations and a lower social status. Therefore, they are willing to engage in works which urban dweller are unwilling to do.

Thirdly, increase the cities consumption and play an active role in the market and stabilize prices. Thirdly, the increases in cities consumption plays an active role in stabilizing market prices.

On the other side, they also brought to the cities some negative effect as same time. On the other hand, migrant workers also bring to the cities some negative effects at the same time as below.

Firstly, the migrant workers produces the pressure of job market to urban dwellerts
Caused by migrant workers and urban dwellers laid-off workers reemployment contradiction.  Firstly, migrant worker produce pressure on the job market for urban dwellers. This sometimes causes laid off or re-employment contraction to urban dwellers . 

Secondly, increased the burden on city traffic. Flow of migrant workers in city has high frequency, high rate of travel, high travel volume, and rely on the public transports, causing the bad traffic situation. Secondly, the influx of migrant workers to the cities increase the burden on city traffic as they usually have high uses of transportation and high frequency of travels.

Thirdly, lead to the higher rate of crime in cities. Most of the migrant workers are lower-education, weak legal consciousness. Increased to the urban social hidden dangersThirdly, migrant workers tend to lead to higher crime rates in the cities. Most of them are of lower education and weak legal consciousness. This imposed increased danger to social order of the cities.
Jane, I have reviewed your exercise and make the corrects below in red. It was very well done. I understand what you are saying. Please pay more attention to proper use of the plural and singular form of names.
Unit 7 Hurricane

1.      What a hurricane is and where and how it is formed.A hurricane is a powerful, spiraling tropical storm that from(s) in the North Atlantic Ocean, the North Pacific Ocean east of the dateline, or the South Pacific Ocean east of 160E. Hurricane need(s) warm tropical oceans, moisture and light winds above them. If the right conditions last long enough, a hurricane can produce violent winds, incredible waves, torrential rains and floods.

2.       How many categories are used and how they are described to classify hurricanes.Hurricanes are ranked from 1(least dangerous) to 5(extremely dangerous):The table is omitted due to format problem.

3.       How hurricanes are named.Hurricane are given boys and girls name when they are formed. (A hurricane is given a boy's or a girl's name when it is formed.) This makes it easy for scientists and the general public to communicate. Hurricane name are is retired after a really bad storm so that there is no confusion when people talk about another particular storm.

4.        How to protect yourself from dangerous of hurricane.Before a hurricane comes, you need to make sure that you have all item listed on the supply list; check to make sure all emergency equipment is (are) in good and in working order; make sure that you have enough supplies last for two weeks; if you are disable or need transportation to a public shelter register in advance with your towns. During the hurricane, especially when the center of the eye passes through your area, stay indoors. 


  1. What problems does the government face? How can they be dealt with?
  2.  What does tourism bring to China?
  3. Where do you like to visit on your holidays? Tell us your reasons.
  4. How do you spend your holidays? 
Jane has done the following exercise, which is quite good. My comments are in blue
1. What problems does the government face? How can they be dealt with?
 I think, recently, the government face two questions. Firstly,  population is aging. Secondly, the government should continue to monitor and control overheating and overcapacity sectors of the economy, such as property. I think currently the government faces two main problems. Firstly, the country's population is aging. Secondly, how the overheating  economy and the speculation of the properties market can be monitored and controlled. 

2. What does tourism bring to China?
Firstly, the development of economy.(or economy growth?) secondly, exchange of different culture. Thirdly, obtaining more information. Tourism brings benefits to China in three different areas: economic growth, cultural exchanges and obtaining information.

3. Where do you like to visit on your holidays? And tell us your reason.
I like to landscape on my holidays, especially went to natural scenic by car. Because I can breath fresh air and relax body. On my holidays, I like to go to the countryside by car and see the the natural scenery and landscape. By doing that I can breathe fresh air and relax my body.

4. How do you spend your holidays?
 If the time enough, I will going back to my parents home, and stay with them. If the time is short, I will hang out in supermarket or have a tea with friends. Maybe do some sports in gym. If time permits, I will go back to my parent's home (in where) and stay with them for a few days. Otherwise, I will go to buy groceries in supermarkets or have a cup of tea with my friends or do some exercises in the gymnasium. (Jane, please try to avoid using slang such as "hang out" in formal writing. It actually means being in a place or doing something without a purpose such as "he hangs out in the bar drinking" or "he hangs out with gangsters")